Managing Storage

One of the most challenging aspects of having a phone in the modern day is managing storage. Everything takes up space, apps, photos, and even most surprising our messages! How on earth is anyone supposed to keep up with all of this data floating around. What is important? How much is too much? Do I really need that video of the kitten that looks like it’s praying?!

Worry not, Shattered Mobile has your back with a few quick tips to help you manage your storage to get you the most bang for your byte. Note this article is aimed specifically at people with iDevices, but the concept is the same for android phones and even computers.

First thing to do whist contemplating your storage dilemma is to figure out where you are using the most storage. To do that open up your iPhones settings and go to General


Then into About


Then into Manage Storage


And finally you will end up on this screen.


From here you can see what you are doing with you life, or at least what from your life is taking up the most storage on your phone. Armed with this information now you can start going through and thinking about what you use your phone for the most and prioritizing space.

For many people messages are going to be the biggest hog for your memory. Every single message you send is saved into your phone. This includes every picture sent along with it. That is all fine and dandy until 2 or 3 years down the road when you have 6gb worth of messages.

The best way to pair down on storage in messages is to first go through and delete your older messages that you aren’t interested in keeping or even people you haven’t texted in over two months. This can really help with pairing down memory.

The next way to steal some storage back from your messages is to go into your most frequent conversations and delete images. The steps for this are shown below. First thing is to go into the top right corner and click on the little i in the circle in the top right. img_7354

From this page you can see a bunch of pictures. Each and every picture is a little bit of storage you can not use. If you click and hold on the picture and it gives you the option to delete the picture. Go now an delete all the pictures and videos from messages that you don’t care about and thats it!


Now you can revel in gigabytes of free storage, and look out for our next post on storage management for more tips and tricks on how to free up your space.

– David

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