YouTube without video? We say yes!

Ever get frustrated because you wanted to listen to a YouTube video on the go, but didn’t want to leave your phone on in your pocket? WELL NOW THERE IS A SOLUTION. Or at least we are bringing to light a solution to this pesky problem that has plagued iPhone users for quite a bit. And the best part is we wont even make you click through ten pages of ads so you can sentence by sentence piece together how to solve this problem.


Find a song or video you want to listen to. This is by far the easiest part. You can find it in Safari, YouTube or even Facebook. Right brilliant so for my example I chose to go with To The Sun by Monstercat because why not. Here I have loaded it up in my web browser.


Next I hit play and waited for the video to load up. That was a pretty simple step. If it is playing an ad I am sorry, I know ads are awful however you don’t have to wait out the ad to move on to the next step thankfully.


Right now that the video is playing it is time to exit out of safari or whatever app you were in. Thats right. Exit out it will be ok I promise. Then swipe up from the bottom to get this page.


Next swipe to the left in order to get the page you see below. Then hit the play button and enjoy your video / podcast / whatever you were listening to. You can now open other apps or lock your phone without having to worry about your audio experience ending.


If you enjoyed this little trick please share with your friends! Keep posted more iPhone tips and tricks to come shortly.

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