Devices for Sale


At Shattered Mobile, we buy and sell phones as well as fix them. If you have old devices laying around, don’t let them just gather dust in a drawer. Take them into Shattered Mobile today and let us turn your old electronics into CASH.

Our inventory of phones does rotate on a fairly regular basis, as we acquire and sell devices every day. Please call and ask to see what we have in stock currently, we typically have at least a few unlocked phones on hand at all times that will work on any carrier.

If you are interested in selling us a device, please know we will not give out prices for purchasing devices over the phone. It is just too difficult for us to fairly judge a devices condition and resale value without seeing it. Just like our over-the-counter diagnostics, appraisal of a device is always free in person!

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions at the number below!