Other Services

Here at Shattered Mobile, our staff has been fixing things for as long as most of them can remember. We’re the ones our families and friends call for tech support or when they have something a bit unusual that needs fixing. We will take a look at just about ANYTHING you would like fixed or modified – here’s a small selection of the other services we can offer!


Diagnostics on devices that won’t power on anymore

Water/Liquid Damage cleaning

Disabling or Removing cameras for security/employment purposes

Buy, Sell, and Trade used phones

Upgrading/Customizing OS software

Upgrade computer hardware (note: not all hardware can be upgraded)

Microsoft Windows software installation

Console Disk Drive Repair

Console HDMI port repair (note: can take up to a week)

Console storage upgrades



To find out if we can help you with your issue (and we want to!) please contact us at (757) 803-9033.

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